Maui County Liquor Certification

Aloha ~

My name is Susan.
I live on Maui and
managed a restaurant/bar.
When we opened Ono's,
the only person
with a license
was the very often
missing owner.

The first person
I sent over to take
'the test'
(yes, even before myself)
was a prospective bartender.
This guy had been
tending bar on Maui
for four years!

I gave him a copy
of the Liquor Control bible
....the Big Yellow Book....
and sent him home
to study up.

This shouldn't be too hard
for him after all
his 'license' had only
been expired for a
couple of months.

He tested on a Tuesday
and missed 10 questions.

Geesh, you are only
allowed to miss 6.

I encouraged him
to go back on Friday
to test again.

Well, he
didn't pass again.
I had no alternative
other than to take
the test myself.
Yes, I passed
the first time.

What is more important
is what I discovered
that guides!

I passed by
studying that confusing
Big Yellow Book.
On my testing
day I found out
that hotels have
questionaire type
study guides!

Talking story with
those who passed
and were waiting
for the 'class'
was the best thing.
These people were

They gave me all
the guides they
had used to study.
From these I made
a list of questions
and answers that I now
use for my own employees.

It is available for you
today on line.

This study guide
is a compilation of ALL
the tests given by the
County of Maui
Liquor Control Department.

In the testing room
the instructor will
pass out three
different versions of
the test.
That is so you
cannot cheat by
copying the person
on either side of you.

Hotels distribute
pages with 50
questions and answers.
The problem with
these cheat sheets
is that you don't
get ALL the questions
and answers.

Some of my
'graduates' have said,
"Gee, Susan,
a lot of your questions
weren't even on
the test."

I know.

there are different
tests of 30 to 50
questions each.

For under $8

you can have ALL
the questions and
ALL the answers
for 30 days.

Immediate Access!

Yes, today,

Right NOW!Pass the test

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? County of Maui Liquor Control Site
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the County of Maui Liquor Commission

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You say you've got the


Oh, ya...people can easily understand that:

"It shall be unlawful for any person who is present at any restaurant or other premises where food, beverages, or entertainment are sold or provided for compensation, or to which members of the public, or members of an organization, resort for food, refreshment, or entertainment, and which premises are not licensed by the commision under this chapter, to consume any liquor on the premises, except during the hours between which licensed premises of dispensers are permitted to be open for the transaction of business in the county where the premises are located."
excerpts taken from "Rules of the Liquor Commission & Hawaii Revised Statutes

Now Try it our way:

What are the hours for liquor business for hotel class of license?
a) 6:00am - 4:00am
b) 8:00am - 4:00am
c) 6:00am - 2:00am

What is the opening hour of dispenser and club licensed premises?
a) 6:00am
b) 7:00am
c) 8:00am

Retailers may sell liquor from
a) 8:00am - 2:00am
b) 6:00am - 11:00pm
c) 6:00am - 2:00am

Wow! What a difference!
The Big Yellow, Book costs $20!
Which would you rather have?

Access to ALL the answers
that confusing Yellow book?

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